We're happy to announce the [release of BusKill v0.7.0](! [![BusKill Release Announcement v0.7.0](]( Most importantly, this release allows you to arm the BusKill GUI app such that it **shuts-down your computer** when the BusKill cable's connection to the computer is severed. ## What is BusKill? BusKill is a laptop kill-cord. It's a USB cable with a magnetic breakaway that you attach to your body and connect to your computer. | [![What is BusKill? (Explainer Video)](]( | |:--:| | *Watch the [BusKill Explainer Video]( for more info [](* | If the connection between you to your computer is severed, then your device will lock, shutdown, or shred its encryption keys -- thus keeping your encrypted data safe from thieves that steal your device. ## Upgrading You can upgrade your BusKill app to the latest version either by 1. [Clicking "Update"]( in the app or 2. [Downloading]( it from GitHub ## Changes This update includes [many bug fixes and new features](, including: 1. Adds support for ['soft-shutdown' trigger]( to GUI 2. Adds a new `buskill.ini` config file 3. Adds a new ["Settings" screen]( in GUI 4. Merges kivy & buskill config files into [one standardized]( location 5. [Fixes]( in-app updates on MacOS 6. [Fixes]( lockscreen trigger on Linux Mint Cinnamon 7. Fixes background blue/red disarm/arm color to propagate to all screens 8. Fixes `--run-trigger` to be executed inside usb_handler child process and communicate to root_child through the parent process You can find our changelog here: * []( ## Documentation Improvements We've also made many improvements to our documentation 1. Updated the [Software User Guide]( to include how to arm the BusKill app with the `soft-shutdown` trigger in the GUI 2. Added a [manpage]( 3. Better documentation on how to [build your own USB-C BusKill Cable]( 4. Better documentation on how to [test]( the buskill app 5. Fixes in [Release Workflow]( 6. Added some additional [related projects]( to our documentation ## Soft-Shutdown Trigger This release now allows you to choose between either \[a\] locking your screen or \[b\] shutting down your computer when you arm the BusKill app from the GUI. By default, the BusKill app will trigger the lockscreen. To choose the '`soft-shutdown`' trigger, open the navigation drawer, go to the `Settings` Screen, click `Trigger`, and change the selected trigger from `lock-screen` to `soft-shutdown`. For more information, see our [Software GUI User Guide]( * []( ## BusKill Now in Debian! We're also happy to announce that, with the release of Debian 12, **it's now possible to install BusKill in Debian with Apt**! ``` sudo apt-get install buskill ``` ## Testers Needed! We do our best to test the BusKill app on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. But unfortunately it's possible that our app doesn't fully function on all versions, distributions, and flavours of these three platforms. We could really use your help testing the BusKill app, especially if you have access to a system that's not (yet) listed in our [Supported Platforms]( And in this release, we specifically would like you to help us test the new soft shutdown feature. Please let us know if it does or does not work for you. Please [contact us]( if you'd like to help test the BusKill app :)

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Browser for Windows 10 that consomes few RAM?
Hi there, helping a friend and his 4 GB RAM laptop out. His mother won't allow him to get another OS as I suggested, so we're stuck with Windows 10.

Brands fed up with the instability at Twitter may flock to Meta's new offering [Archive link](

Gitlab has been offline for a while (~40 minutes at time of posting) with pretty much every service affected. 5xx errors accross the board, I expect a lot of frustrated developers right now.

Elon, when do you learn how "paying the bills" works, hm?

Why has the iPod faded out of existence while e-readers are thriving?
I've been fascinated by single-purpose devices such as iPods for music, flip-phones for communication, and e-readers for ebooks. Considering that my interest for these devices has reached an all-time high, I was wondering: **Why has the iPod died out while e-readers continue to thrive and see growth?** Don't they both serve the same purpose of allowing users to enjoy one (primary) form of entertainment? Aren't both types of devices easily replaceable by a modern smartphone or tablet today?

cross-posted from: > I currently have 4 different Android clients for Lemmy installed on my phone and none of them are what I'm looking for. Additionally I've tried 3 different PWA's and they're still not what I want out of a browsing experience. > > So I've decided if nobody else is going to make what I'm looking for I'll have to do it myself. This is an early preview of the current unnamed client I'm working on. > > It will be a PWA supporting Android and iOS, though I don't own any Apple products so support will be in so far as they don't do dumb stuff to break PWA standards. [It's open source]( and will be free to use. > > Currently the dev environment is hardcoded to my personal instance as CORS support is restricted in the Lemmy server until a future release. This means all PWA's are actually proxying your requests through their server in order to rewrite the origin header. I don't intend to release this until CORS support is fully resolved which should be soon. > > ~~I need help with a name! I was considering Infinity since I'm using that for the loading symbol, but there's already a reddit client with that name and I don't want to poach it if they decided to transition to Lemmy.~~ I've decided on Loops for the name!

Alternative to google books?
Do you know any app that deals nicely with epub and has both web and android version and syncs but isn't google books? I would rather not use anything google because of privacy reasons.

I would like to share with you a very cool project that develops drivers for correct operation of Microsoft Surface devices on Linux. I myself use Surface Pro 6 with these drivers and everything works like a charm (battery life is good, cameras work, stylus, keyboard, touchscreen, screen). The developers are gods. From myself, I would recommend using [Fedora Linux distribution](, as I got the best battery life on it and didn't experience any additional bugs. If you don't like GNOME, you can try [spins]( Links to project resources: - [Home Page]( - [Table of supported features]( - [Installation Guide]( - [Page with known bugs and their solutions]( - [Wiki]( Awesome additional resources: - [User experience from Michael Horn]( - Installation instructions (non-official): [Link]( [Link]( []()

Breaking News! AMD is open sourcing the API for the x86 bootloader
I think [this]( means we will eventually see a fully open source Coreboot/Libreboot soon. Someone correct me if I am wrong please! [the openSIL github repo]( I'm not clear about where this API sits relative to the AMD Platform Security Processor. found via this post:

Using to create a no-code Whisper App
Using to create a no-code Whisper App

Kill the caps! ISPs should just be dumb puppies with low margins.

Somebody has made an affordable, good quality wireless finger trackball - Review of Nulea m505/m505b
I wanted to share this thing I found because it is great. I think it is newly available. On amazon reviews, forum posts, blogs, youtubes and all other sources of information, nothing is found dating prior to March 2023. I do not recall seeing it before. I have used photos already available online if they were adequate. I took some original photos to show details not captured by others. ### Contents Here are the sections of this article with a brief summary. Basics - [Price and value](#price-and-value): Good luck getting a cheaper trackball! Amazing. - [m505 vs m505b](#m505-vs-m505b): Difference between models is the "b" model has an annoying light ring around the ball. Design - [Shape and feel](#shape-and-feel): A comfortable, quality feeling finger trackball. Mode buttons show attention to detail. - [Aesthetics](#aesthetics): Look OK overall, not too "gamer". - [Buttons and scroll](#buttons-and-scroll): left + right + forward + back + scroll/middleclick = 5 buttons. All except right are thumb-operated. Geography is reasonable and they all work properly. Click is good. Software programmable on linux. - [m505b light](#m505b-light): I find this kind of light very obnoxious. Could have been worse. - [m505 vs Sanwa Gravi](#m505-vs-sanwa-gravi): Device is either a clone of Sanwa Gravi or actually manufactured by the same people. Function - [Tracking experience](#tracking-experience): Smooth, precise, adjustable. - [Wireless connection](#wireless-connection): 2.4g and Bluetooth both working better than expected on linux. 2.4g dongle has comfortable home. - [Power](#power): USB-C rechargeable! Auto power-off is 30 minutes and it gracefully wakes up when you need it again. Battery life/quality unknown. Elsewhere and the future - [Support](#support): 18 or 24 month warranty. Maybe. Unknown brand, not sure what future will bring. - [Links](#links): all sources used and product websites. Includes links for reviews posted by individuals. - [License](#license): CC-BY-NC [🔝](#contents) ## Basics ### Price and value *Summary: Good luck getting a cheaper trackball! Amazing.* I have used trackballs manufactured by by perimice, deft, kensington and logitec. Like the worst person you've ever been on a first date with, I can't help but make comparison to my prior experiences. I tend toward the lower end of price range. I have occasionally splurged on a mid-price device, always disappointing. Cost has actually been *inversely* related to quality. That pattern remains unchanged with this being by far the best trackball at around the lowest price you can expect to find. It is almost to good to be true. List price is CA/US$40-45. Even after you add Canadian sales tax, it is still cheaper in Canada which is quite strange. Generally we pay premium price for stuff. US/Canada amazon links at bottom. ![m505 package and contents]( [view larger]( *source: [watchmono](* [🔝](#contents) ### m505 vs m505b *Summary: the "b" model has an annoying light ring around the ball.* When I was looking at these online I could not figure out if there was a difference between the models. I wasn't even sure if the different pages *were* distinct models or maybe just different sellers. Only once I had it and was writing this that I realized the difference: the ring of light around the ball. - m505 *does not* have a light around the ball - m505b *has* a light around the ball Since I had ordered the m505b and *hate* the light, I ordered the m505. Therefor I have both. I plan on returning the m505b. ![m505 and m505b next to each other]( [view larger]( see also: [m505b light](#m505b-light) [🔝](#contents) ## Design ### Shape and feel *Summary: A comfortable, quality feeling finger trackball. Mode buttons show attention to detail.* Like a lot of people, my first trackball was thumb-controlled. Thumb controlled trackballs are more widely and cheaply available. They can also closely resemble the experience of a traditional mouse with regards to button placement so the learning curve is not high. After using it for a while, I found the thumb side of my hand would get sore. I decided I wanted a finger-controlled ball and have been looking for one I like. ![a hand on the m505]( [view larger image]( *source: [watchmono](* This device is pretty big compared to a regular mouse but so are a lot of trackballs. You couldn't make a regular mouse this large because it would be too heavy. Also, because your hand/wrist/arm are stationary when in use, you tend to let it drop and rest more heavily. So the shape of the device becomes more important. My hand (small size of medium and short fingers) rests fairly comfortably on this. Like with a lot of devices I find my pinky and ring finger tend to curl up when not being used which can cramp. I might try doing some sort of customization to add more bulk and keep my fingers in a more comfortable position. The surface is matte. It has pretty "good quality" feeling, whatever that means for a plastic thing. ![m505 front view]( [view larger image]( *source: [watchmono](* Also I will say that the power, mode and DPI buttons on the bottom are reasonable to use. They are large enough to press/move with a finger, have enough give and spring. I appreciate this. ![bottom of m505]( [view larger image]( This is a right-handed device. There is no indication of a left handed version being available or planned. [🔝](#contents) ### Aesthetics *Summary: Look OK overall, not too "gamer".* I don't spend a lot of time gazing upon my input devices. Because of how much time I spend touching it, I will put how it feels over how it looks. OTOH, I do not love the "gamer" look and given the choice I'd rather have something far away from that. This trackball is fine looking but not great. Reasonably professional. I don't expect to find a device that matches my style and works properly anytime soon and it isn't hideous so I am satisfied. If there were a white version available, like nulea has for some other models, I would have chosen that. [🔝](#contents) ### Buttons and scroll *Summary: left + right + forward + back + scroll/middleclick = 5 buttons. All except right are thumb-operated. Geography is reasonable and they all work properly. Click is good. Software programmable on linux.* There are 5 buttons: - Right: On the far right side of the top face All the others are located on the inside (left) face and manipulated with the thumb. From top t o bottom they are: - Forward and Back - Scrollwheel (also middle click) - Left ![outwards-facing side of m505]( [view larger image]( *source: [watchmono](* ![inwards-facing side of m505]( [view larger image]( *source: [watchmono](* I find these buttons intuitive to use. They are big enough that I don't have to search for them. They don't feel squeaky or mushy or have other annoying tactile characteristics. If you are new to trackballs, one hint is that not all trackballs come with a scrolling mechanism. Some of them have unusual scrolling components not seen on regular mice but which many people appreciate once getting used to them. Others can only accomplish scrolling by means of an awkward combination like clicking a button and moving the wheel. And you may have to implement/hack that yourself. For me I definitely wanted a device with a good scroll. This works as I had hoped. On linux, all the buttons worked as expected out of the box. I was able to reprogram the function back and forward buttons using [`input-remapper`]( which it a GUI program that reliably works with just about everything (except some weird keyboard F keys). It does not actually reprogram the mouse itself, just how the computer interprets input. So it needs to be set up on every computer. I do not think the actual mouse can be reprogrammed unfortunately. One thing I noticed having both models is that `input-remapper` thinks they are the same. Mappings made to one are applied to the other automatically. I don't mind it since I want to use them the same way. Typically you need to create mapping for every individual device. In the manual, it says that the back/forward buttons do not work *at all* on Mac. I was hoping to get something with a couple of extra function buttons. There is room on the top for them. But we can't have everything. [🔝](#contents) ### m505b light *Summary: I find this kind of light very obnoxious. Could have been worse.* As mentioned at the top, the difference between the m505 and m505b is the latter has a decorative light. As I didn't understand this I accidentally purchased the m505b so I will say what I thought about it. The manufacturer seems to think this is a major selling feature. I am bothered by devices with LEDs especially those that have movement, flashing, throbbing etc. Do *not* understand the appeal why have anything other than the dimmest light that lets you know the status. I was worried that it would be always distracting me and because of the placement I'd not be able to do anything to hide it. It gave me hope when I read one review complaining it was "too dim", at least it probably wouldn't light up the whole room. The decorative throbbing light *is* somewhat subtle and not annoying. You *can* turn it off by holding down the right and left buttons at the same time. You need to do that every time you turn it on. Which is annoying and will drain the battery. You should only get the one with the light if you really want the light all the time. There is a translucent white diffuser ring that surrounds the ball. The light shines through this. Even when you turn the decorative throbbing light off, you can see the red light from the optical tracking through the ring. When I take the ball out, I see that the whole socket it made of the white translucent plastic which optimizes the light transmission. It is possibly more annoying than the slowly color-changing light because it is flashing on and off all the time which the color changing sort of disguises. ![m505b socket with light on]( [view larger image]( how the light looks in the dark (with no tracking ball, with the ball, with the ball + tracking light on): ![m505b decorative light turned on]( [view larger image]( even just the tracking light is pretty bright due to the translucent white plastic in the socket (without ball, with ball): ![m505b tracking light only]( [view larger image]( I can see why a designer thought it looked cute to have an outline around the ball though. When turned off it looks pretty slick. [🔝](#contents) ### m505 vs Sanwa Gra *Summary: Device is either a clone of Sanwa Gravi or actually manufactured by the same people.* The m505 is said to be a clone of the Sanwa Gravi, a Japanese manufactured trackball. As far as I can, it tell is unavailable in Canada. On []( the wireless Gravi costs US$65. `/u/_Rob_K_` on /r/Trackballs wrote a comparison between these 2 devices: [Sanwa Gravi and Nulea M505 (initial impressions)]( He included some side-by-side pictures. ![Nulea m505 next to Sanwa Gravi]( [view larger image]( *source: [`/u/_Rob_K_`](* [User Archie on Trackballs.EU]( has the following gossip: > Actual manufacturer of Gravi is [Dongguan Togran Electronics Co., Ltd]( Interestingly, this factory is also offering another variant with slightly more rounded casing, different arrangement of buttons (one on the right side, but two above the wheel on the left) and LED-illuminated ring around the ball, just like original MTE had. [This model]( is pictured unbranded, so it's currently not clear if it will be marketed under Sanwa label or some other brand. *\[Update by spring 2023: modified versions appeared as Nulea M505 and ProtoArc EM03 models. The latter is reportedly made by [Shenzhen Seenda Technology Co., Ltd.](]* If I understand properly, Archie is saying that that the Nulea and ProtoArc devices are made by the same company as the similar Sanwa devices? I did find the ProtoArc EM03 on []( at a list price of US$50. There is page on []( but it is not available an there is no price. They do look very similar to the m505b except for there is *another* light in the scrollwheel. Like nulea, ProtoArc does not seem to put their products on their [website]( [🔝](#contents) ## Function ### Tracking experience *Summary: Smooth, precise, adjustable.* The ball moves smoothly. It does not stick or rub or jump or jitter or hesitate. It is not laborious to get the pointer to a specific spot on the screen. It work *as I would expect* which has been surprisingly difficult to say about trackballs from my experience. The ball is 44mm which is medium-sized for a track ball. There are 3 small ball bearings inside. They are white, I guess plastic. ![socket of m505 showing ball bearings]( [view larger image]( There is a DPI button on the bottom. It is said to have 200/400/800/1200/1600 DPI. I typically use a 1280x720 display. On the 200 dpi setting the mouse moves about 1/3 across when flung. At 800 it *just* gets all the way across and since I have no need for more than that I don't put it higher. ![socket of m505b, powered off]( [view larger image]( I don't game so I can't comment. I saw some reviews saying it wasn't great for that. Also if you use a huge mega size display, no comment. [🔝](#contents) ### Wireless connection *Summary: 2.4G and Bluetooth both working better than expected on linux. 2.4g dongle has comfortable home.* I am a linux user and have tried both 2.4g and bt. They both work great. #### Bluetooth Usually I don't use BT because it is always annoying which could be due to hardware, user error, interference, who knows what. In general I find with BT there is a lot of power off/on, reconnecting, re-pairing, blah blah blah. But I am impressed by this. I paired it without consulting the instructions by just mashing the buttons and got it connected fairly quick. I tried it for about 2 days to test and had no problems once paired. I guess my computer is not as badly set up as I thought. #### 2.4g **2.4g**: I bought this because it had 2.4g. That is what I want because it is generally reliable. I *have* had problems with other devices failing to maintain a connection on this particular computer even at very close range, but so far no issue. There is a place to keep the 2.4g dongle on the bottom. It is *not* in a battery compartment or otherwise placed so you must dismantle to access. Even with very short fingernails I can remove the dongle from its home without use of a prying implement. It is a small detail but it is rare to be able to say all that. I tested to see if the 2 devices would use one another's dongles. They did not. ![m505b with charging cable and 2.4g dongle]( [view larger image]( [🔝](#contents) ### Power *Summary: USB-C rechargeable! Auto power-off is 30 minutes and it gracefully wakes up when you need it again. Battery life/quality unknown.* Charges via usb-c. This is very cool! Even a lot of pricier wireless trackballs are still using AA or AAA batteries. It becomes expensive to run the device over time because they run out quickly. Those which recharge are commonly on micro USB. The documentation included warns against using fast charge to avoid killing the battery. The included USB A-to-C cable is about 6' with a nice feeling thick housing. It has a *very* low power according to the app on my phone. However my phone doesn't even recognize a lot of older model USB C cables so I am not sure how reliable it is. I can't comment on the long-term battery life. I charged it once since it arrived but it wasn't dead yet at the time. You can use it while it is plugged in charging which is nice. It has an auto poweroff which is not obnoxiously short unlike some other wireless input devices. I've had devices that turn themselves off after 10 seconds. According to the manual, it turns off after 30 minutes inactivity which sounds reasonable to me. You click any button and it restores itself immediately. Even with BT I wasn't annoyed by having to wait for it to re pair. I also didn't experience having to connect another device or use the keyboard to get BT going again, which is one thing that has really stopped me from using BT input devices. [🔝](#contents) ## Elsewhere and the future ### Support *Summary: 18 or 24 month warranty. Maybe. Unknown brand, not sure what future will bring.* The manufacturer, nulea, does not list this product on their [website]( There is no documentation available online that I can find. There is a [manual for the M501]( model which from the outside looks the same except for being thumb-operated. The nulea website indicates either an [18 month]( or [2 year]( warranty on their products, if you register within 30 days of purchase, and if you get it from amazon. I haven't tried to contact them. The manual lists 2 email addresses by way of electronic contact: [email protected] and [email protected]. Searching for the first finds this webpage: [联系我们 | cet product service]( which also has the same mailing information as the manual. I do not see any indication that a replacement 2.4g fob could be obtained if the original one was lost. OTOH at least BT works properly. A brief manual is included in the box that contains the small amount of information required to operate. It includes English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. It looks like it *might* be reasonable to disassemble this to repair or modify it. There are 2 phillips head screws visible on the bottom and the plastic doesn't look like you'd have to break it to take it apart. I am not the right person to test this out. If that is of interest, see [user Archie's post on Trackballs.EU]( I did not locate more detailed technical information, disassembly, diagrams etc. Perhaps they will become available. ![back of m505 box with basic specs and contact info]( [view larger]( ![back of m505b box with basic specs and contact info]( [view larger]( [🔝](#contents) ### Links *Summary: all sources used and product websites. Includes links for reviews posted by individuals.* #### blogs, forums, reviews Here are a few reviews I found. I sent them all to in case you find this in the future and links are dead. * [Sanwa Gravi and Nulea M505 (initial impressions)]( ([]( by `/u/_Rob_K_` on /r/Trackballs. A pretty long review especially comparing to the Sanwa Gravi. * [クローンのワイヤレストラックボール『Nulea M505』]( ([](, looks like a Japanese language tech review website. good pictures. * [Sanwa Gravi 400-MAWBTTB138]( ([]( by user Archie on Trackballs.EU * [Nulea M505 quick first impressions : Trackballs]( ([]( by `/u/henrebotha` on /r/Trackballs * [Nulea M505 - Spoiled reviewer?]( ([]( by `/u/kitebok `on /r/Trackballs. A review from someone who didn't like it. #### commercial Links (tracking codes removed): - [ m505]( CA$43 +tax (free shipping, no import fees) - [ m505b]( CA$39 +tax (free shipping, no import fees) - [ search for nulea]( this company also makes similar looking trackballs in other shapes and styles if you do not want a finger ball - [ m505]( US$44 (at time of writing on sale US$38) - [ m505b]( US$40 - [ nulea store]( - []( lists almost none of their products If you search for this items on amazon you may find this case for the Palm Pilot m505. This is a different product: ![PDA keyboard case for Palm Pilot m505]( [view larger image]( source: [🔝](#contents) ### License Creative Commons [Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International]( [🔝](#contents)

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Is the whole AI apocalypse thing overblown or not?
I must confess to getting a little sick of seeing the endless stream of articles about this (along with the season finale of *Succession* and the debt ceiling), but what do you folks think? Is this something we should all be worrying about, or is it overblown? ![]( EDIT: have a look at this:

Stack Overflow mods go on strike
and as always, the culprit is ChatGPT. Stack Overflow Inc. won't let their mods take down AI-generated content

Megathread for Reddit Blackouts and News - Day 3
hey everyone. if you want to post links or discuss the Reddit blackout today, please localize it to this thread in order to keep things tidy! Thanks!

An internal Google communication that recently became public hints at an unexpected twist in the competition for supremacy in generative AI. In this note, a Google AI specialist expressed: „In the generative AI race, it seems that we might not be the frontrunners, and neither is OpenAI. Amid our race, a dark horse has stealthily snuck in and claimed our prize.“ So, who is this elusive third player? Could it be Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, or Baidu? Surprisingly, none of the above. It’s the open-source community.

But I can't get 4G in parts of Griffith Park

Human Extinction Makes for Brilliant PR
"Big Tech’s warnings about an AI doomsday are distracting us from years of actual harms their products have caused."

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